Google brings its own TikTok – ‘Tangi’

There is no denying the fact that Google is a well-known service-oriented company in modern world of Technology. We all are sticked together with Google in our life. We cannot imagine our life with google. If we are confused with any problems or questions then we go to and search our answers. Similarly, Youtube, Gmail, Google Maps and so on are other google products that act as very important part in our daily life. Google has been very much innovative in Technology Field.

We are also familiar with popular short video sharing app ‘Tiktok‘ which was developed by a Chinese Company called ‘ByteDance‘. As there is a cold war between Google and Chinese companies, Google has developed a short-video sharing site as well as an iOS app called ‘Tangi‘.

Tangi, google, tiktok

According to Google, this is a social video sharing app that can be shared with short videos. These videos are specially ‘How To’ videos and the company said that informational videos on this topic could be created and shared in this app.

Users can post up to a minute of video and post it in ‘Tangi’ just like a TikTok. Google claims that the use of ‘TikTok’ is especially for entertainment, and that Google has tailored its app for knowledgeable purposes.

This app has various genres for videos including culinary education, lifestyle, art, fashion and beauty. For now, this app is available for download in Apple’s App Store and Web version. This app is available to users all over the world except in the European Union affiliated countries. However, this app is not available on Google’s own Play Store.

No information has been specified for when it will be available to Android users. According to Google, only limited users can upload videos to this app for now. For this, users must subscribe to the waitlist.


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