Run And Tell Your Mummy There’s a Nepali Cover for ‘City Slums’

It's coming from the Nepali city slums.

City Slums is an Indian debut track by Grammy award nominated Indian/American singer Raja Kumari in collaboration with Divine. City Slums was a massive hit. From Tik Tok to Social media, City Slums went Ra Pa Pum Pum.

So, there’s now a Nepali cover for City Slums by 9 year-old Jevika Shahi. People are loving her Nepali tweaks for Raja Kumari’s Line.It’s so amazing and beautiful to see how hip-hop culture is getting popular in Nepal. From kids like her to adult and old, hip-hop is hooking them all. New hip-hop artists are getting emerged, thanks to platform like YouTube for acting as a positive catalyst. We can say 2019/20 was the hottest year for independent music genre, hip-hop in Nepal.

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