Global Lockdown Is Helping Environment To Heal

After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Coronal virus (Covid-19) as a Pandemic, worldwide lockdown came in action. Most of the countries are in lockdown currently.

This deadly virus has infected a total of 597,458+ people and resulted in 27,370+ deaths. Corona virus has been spread in more than 199 counties.

After the Pandemic led to worldwide lockdown, the global Environment started to heal, research says. After the lockdown, travel, and production have been halted due to which the amount of Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other warm gases and pollutants emission have been decreased in most of the big cities.

However, this drop in the pollution level is just temporary, scientists say.

Air pollution gets reduced after China got lockdown. Photo. NASA

This is what NASA after air pollution dropped in China.

Have a watch to the video.


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