Glenn Maxwell Reveals The Truth Behind His Mental Health Issue

Glenn Maxwell, the finest all-rounder of Australia reveals the truth behind his sudden break in international cricket last year.He recalls everything he was going through for the first time in media.

Maxwell’s cricketing schedule was quite hectic back to 2018/2019. For more than ten months he had  stayed away from his family and friends. Most of the players passes through this type of situation but it was quite different case with Maxi.

His partner, Vini Raman,was the first to notice his mental illness during Marsh Cup.She was the one who supported him mentally for upcoming series and tours.

“She’s been incredible,Even when she was going through her own things she was still sort of making sure I was okay, because she knew that I was obviously struggling.”says Maxwell.

Speaking to Neroli Meadows on new Ordineroli Speaking Podcast,he described his situation of last 10 months.

“I think the first time she [Raman] noticed I wasn’t myself was in the Marsh Cup at the start of the summer, I think I was up to about eight months away from home at that stage.I was just cooked, I was tired and I was about to go into another series.”

“I think when we got back to Melbourne, I was finally able to see some family, I still wasn’t my energetic, bubbly self. I wasn’t happy, basically, and it wasn’t something I noticed, I thought I was tired, it was just one of those things.I’ll push through it.”

“I was so anxious, worried, scared about that first conversation I was going to have with someone about it, after speaking to Vini, she said, ‘you’ve got to tell someone, you can’t play cricket like this.”

However, it was a brave step from him. It helped him to recover and return back to the field again with full confidence and strength. ‘The Big show’ had started again around the globe.


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