Deepak Raj Giri Satires The Song “Ghati Bhanda Tala”

The song by Aaarjan Pandey including model Reema Biswakarma, called “Ghaati Bhanda Tala” has been critically viral in the last few days.

The song is being negatively viral on the internet. A mass of netizens is criticizing the lyrics of the song. However, the trend of making catchy songs is getting a vertex in the current Nepali musical scenario.

Singers and models are not dedicated toward creating good songs, instead, they are working to make a song viral. And this is resulting in another level of measuring the success of a song. Makers have started to measure the success of their song on the basis of views gained through YouTube which is obviously not a salutary act.

The song Ghati Bhanda Tala is being negatively viral on the internet. It is because people didn’t love the lyrics of the song. At different parts of the song lyrics goes on like this, “Ghati Bhada Tala ta Ramri Nai Che…” this particular line triggered the audience.

In response to this song, different actors including Deepak Raj Giri have given their views on their Facebook Handle.

Deepak Raj Giri Writes: “Geet lekehe pachi purai lekhya bhaye hune… Aja ghati bhanda muni matrai aayo… bholi naito bhanda muni matrai aaula tespachi kammar…hait!!!”

Nirmal Shrama Writes:  Bajarma naya geet aayeko rahecha, geet ma purush le mahila lai bhancha-“Ghati bhanda tala ta ramri nai chhe” Bhagwan sanga kamana garchu yo geet mera chora haru le sunera na gaidiun ra shrimati, mummy, didi, bahini ko agadi maile laaj le mukh chopna naparaos.

Not only these two actors but many from the industries are criticizing “Aarjan Pandey”, “Reema Bishwakarma” and the whole song “Ghati Bhanda tala ta Ramri Nai Chee”

Watch The Full Song Ghati Bhanda Tala From Below:


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