GF Asks For Last Kiss Before Breakup And Bites BF’s Tongue

GF Asks For Last Kiss Before Breakup And Bites BF's Tongue

A ridiculous incident has happened in China recently. A boy in a relationship asked for a breakup with his girlfriend. And the girl urged for a last kiss before the breakup and then bit boyfriend’s tongue.

The incident happened in a shopping mall in Chenzhou, China. Boyfriend Liu met his girlfriend, Zhou at a shopping mall in Chenzhou, Anhui province, China. And he justified that he can’t remain in the relationship any longer and wants a breakup.

The girl after some time accepted the breakup proposal but asked for a last goodbye kiss. And the boy agreed and kissed his girlfriend. But who would know she was going to bit him hard. The condition became serious and the environment turned into chaos when the boyfriend started screaming out in pain. The condition became even worse when blood started to flow out of his mouth.

After few moment, police arrived at the scene and started pulling off the girl but couldn’t. Later police were able to pull them apart when they sprayed peeper spray over girl’s face. The boy was then taken to hospital and was reported to be fine.

Based on Small Joys TV Report.


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