Gaja Baja , Censor Board And Audiences Who Wins?

In the wake of stalling out for just about two years on account of its title, “Ganja Baja” now has a release date and it’s trailer has been a huge buzz among Nepali Youngsters and Film Critics.

Previously The Film Development Board Nepal denied to register the film due to the word “Ganja” , “Weed” on it’s title. The filmmakers were not the one to stop it there, they took the matter to the court. Now, the Film Title came up with New one “Gaja Baja” (Removing The Chandrabindu Or Something). Although we can see that chandrabindu little aside taking a shape of smiley. 

Starring Anupam Sharma, Sushil Sitaula, Barsha Siwakoti, Rabin Thapa, Uddav Raj Bhattarai, Amber Subedi and Gopal Aryal, as Major Cast, Gaja Baja is directed by Ganesh Pandey who previously came up with “Manjari” which was also a good hype material to the youths. The Film is releasing on Falgun 25.

One day prior, Trailer for this movie was uploaded by Highlights Nepal and it’s getting built up whether it’s contrarily or decidedly. Many positive and negative reviews are thrown. I got to see the comments at the youtube video, tons of the mass was offended by the word “Muji” used in the trailer. Talking privately we found the trailer great. This film trailer took “Muji” to the next level. Okay, we didn’t get any kind of incentives from the movie team to take their side. But we don’t perceive any wrong there. We can acknowledge the word “Fuck” , “Shit” and according in the foreign movies, we enjoy them too. But when it comes to our very own Nepali movies we don’t bolster them. Why do we have the problem with the word “Muji”??? I rehash why?
We the audiences, Nepali Censor Board and Nepali Film Development Board are all the same. We are the one who are not letting Nepali films to bud up. Do the film  makers look like drug dealer? or they run an institution to teach slang/vulgar words? They just love art. They pick the raw stories from our localities and make films. Peolpe can smoke weed and get high, talk book of vulgar words, but these filmmakers can’t even use the word “Muji” and use “Ganja” ? What kinda freedom of expression is this?

“Nepal Film Development Board” , who the fuck kept the word “Development” there? Are they developing the films? Hell no, just demotivating the creative minds. The board which ought to really urge movie producers to make great movies, bolster them and enable them to get over any difficulties is doing precisely the inverse by making a pointless impediment. And the next, Censor Board. According to the censor Board all the films are to be cesnsored. They just take a scissor in their hand and when they see a good film they trim it. Fuck? then what will the filmmakers here make? Ramayana,, Mahabharata, Moo-min, Doraemon?

Lastly, we don’t see any thing wrong there in the title and content of the movie. We think that Nepali audiences  are conscious enough that they won’t start to smoke a weed due to the Title of the movie,”Ganja Baja” and those who are offended by the word “Muji” go get a life. 

Good Luck To The Team!

Watch “Gaja Baja” Trailer Here!!!


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