From Raw Bartz To King of NepHop : Sacar’s Knotty Musical Journey

Sacar might be notorious but he can't be ignored and hated!

Sacar Adhikari aka Lil Buddha
Sacar Adhikari aka Lil Buddha/ Cr. Sacar’s Instagram

22 years old Sacar Adhikari a.k.a Lil Buddha made debut among public by first appearing at the Nepali Rap Battle show, RAWBARZ, hosted by Late Yama Buddha 6 years ago. He was highly admired there for his amazing freestyles and rapid rap flow in both Nepali and English.

The RawBartz Saga of Sacar

From Semi-Famous to Viral All Over Social Media

With some series of tragic and traumatic events occuring in his life, Sacar got lunatic and psychotic at the same time in 2017. Those events included Death of Yama Buddha, his bike accident, breaking up with his love partner and mental frustration of being abroad leading him towards mental instability and depression. He then got badly addicted to narcotics and drugs making his condition more worse.

With such unstable mind, he began to go Facebook Live cursing, abusing and threatening various public figures like Prachanda, Laure along with his family members too. Nepali audience, the fan and up-voters of negative news began their work rapidly spreading and following up his videos, making Lil Buddha viral over night.

Along with flood of trolls and memes in Facebook and Instagram, Sacar took over trending section of YouTube and Twitter giving him extra and random audiences.

Afterwards, he was admitted for rehabilitation from the cooperation of one of the Australian Medical Agency and his family. He was brought Nepal believing to have been recovered.

Sacar Adhikari aka Lil Buddha
Sacar Adhikari aka Lil Buddha/ Cr. Sacar’s Instagram

After that he came back to Nepal and released his debut album Shree Paach with record Label ‘YB records’ owned by him. This debut album earned more than eight lakhs says Sacar in one of the YouTube interviews.

During one of his vlog regarding the Album release, he unknowingly became a meme material with the template, “Ma last rishauxu hai guys” which then went viral on social media giving his album extra promotion. One of his song ‘King of Nephop‘ ft. Uniq Poet with 10min. Long one take freestyle video was major hit from the album.

Right after the success of his debut album, he began recording for his second studio album, “Kabja“. Meanwhile, his mental health again began to deteriorate causing him to be lunatic and psychotic but this time a little controlled than previous.

And for now, he is on a new hype stating that he is sitting 12 years meditation for development of our society since Jan 14 2020. But let’s hope this time he will return with healthy mind and soul.

Sacar’s King of Nephop

Sacar May Be Notorious But He Can’t Be Hated

Even after causing multiple controversies, Sacar a.k.a Lil buddha is still highly admired for his Raps. He maybe hated for his behaviour but can’t be ignored for his skill and talent. So, there are less numbers of his pure haters.


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