Friday Nepal | Insider Story of Most Loved Meme Page of Nepal

Currently, there are many meme and troll pages in Nepal. The number is even increasing. On the Nepali meme business cram, there exists an unalike Facebook page that is known for it’s authentic, amazing and catchy memes. Yes, meme lovers out there, we are talking about “Friday Nepal“.

Friday Nepal was created on 20th of November 2010. Initially, its name was “I Love Friday”.

The admin of the page ‘Friday Nepal’ seems very fond of Friday. “I don’t know why, but I was connected with the day “Friday” from the beginning,” one of the admin said. They say that they love Friday because the next day is Saturday. Without Friday there’s no Saturday. So, Friday seems to be fun in every way. These admins want everyone to be happy and celebrate their every day as it is “Friday”.

In an interview we had with the admins of Friday Nepal, they opened their heart out. We asked them a bunch of questions and their answers were exciting. Let’s now quickly jump to the interview section.

Q. When was Friday Nepal initiated? What’s the story behind it?

A. The page was started on 20th of November 2010 with an intention to make everyone happy. Initially, the page name was “I Love Friday”. Later in 2017, I came up with the idea of changing the page name to “Friday Nepal. I don’t know why but I was very connected with the day “Friday” from the beginning. Friday means a sense of happiness and joy. It’s just not a day It’s an emotion. We have a tagline of our page, “Make every day a Friday, with Friday Nepal” and we are working hard to spread smiles via memes.

Q. Currently how many peoples are handling the page?

A. I (Founder) alone handled the page “Friday Nepal” and was the man behind, till 2017. And in November 2017 I hired two of my friends. Currently, we are three people behind the page.

Q. Your meme materials are authentic and not copied one, how is the struggle to find such appealing and amazing content on a daily basis?

A. I was a funny guy from the beginning. I loved making people laugh. I used to feel proud when people used to laugh and be happy at my jokes. I was involved in caricature, drama and different forms of the comedy show from the school. Right now the way is a little different but our goal to make people happy has never changed. We just make memes that go on everyone’s daily life and everybody can relate to. We are happy that our fans are loving our work.

Q. What do you guys do beside Friday Nepal?

A. we all are engineers by profession. Friday Nepal is the side hustle.

Q. What are your future plans? Do you guys want to expand this page to a top-notch media company in near future?

A. Yes, we are looking to expand and we are looking forward to our own video content in the near future.

Q. Does meme pages in Nepal sustain admin’s living?

A. Yes, if you are focused and consistent you can make a living out of anything. There are a number of meme pages and influencers in Nepal who are making a living out of social media. But it does require tremendous hard work.

Q. The number of meme and troll pages are rising in an enormous way, Do you guys feel any kind of competition and is it difficult to sustain in the meme business?

A. No, we don’t feel any competition. If our page was fully business oriented then we might have felt a competition. But we are entertainment-oriented so we don’t feel any jealousy and competition.

Q. What’s your say for the new memers in the town?

A. For all the new memers and influencers, if you are doing it for the money then just don’t enter in this social media world. Because if you are focused on money from the very first day, you can’t focus on the meme and the creative part.

Rather you ought to be focused on the creative part from the beginning and stop looking at the likes, shares and comments. The future is not about like, comments and shares. You should be consistent, hardworking and passionate about what you are doing. If you make good and quality contents the likes, comments and shares are sure to come. Have patience, good things take time.

Enjoy some of the memes from Friday Nepal.

This is how students discuss their answers after an exam. This is hilarious.

SACAR must be Rolling on Floor Laughing, looking at this!

When you have failed all the exams but you are glad because the exams are over.

Every guy’s story. This is so relatable.

When the teacher is 5 minutes late for the class. This is how the student reacts.

You can like their page from here.


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