Why Follow Your Passion And Leave Money Behind?


Did you ever feel that you had kinda some interest on something? Like you had interest on mechanical engineering since childhood, you loved to fix mechanical things, you’d open anything you see. May it be singing, painting, dancing or any fucking things that you had your keen interest on since your childhood. You thought of being pro on it, making it as a career, earning your living through the same. I guess everyone has something to be interested and being passionated on.
But being interested and passionated on one thing and choosing another over it is totally ridiculous. In case of Nepal it doesn’t seem that ridiculous too because 80 out of 100 go beyond their passions and interests may it be due to economic conditions, parental pressure or various other reasons. But I don’t see anything greater than passion. Nothing can beat the ultimate peace that you gain by following your passion. You may earn tons of money but where will you buy that peace and happiness that you would have got following your passion? The thing is you may earn less, but you will live more if you follow what you love.

People may discourage you entailing that your passion won’t succeed, it would fail before it gets started, it won’t feed your life. Just listen them and prove them wrong. We have nothing to fear here, nobody is born perfect, we try, we fail, we fall, we wake, we again try. Nobody loves failing and falling but they are the main keys to suceess. Trying is always beautiful and classy.
I always dreamt of being a mechanical engineer since my childhood. It may sound filmy and built up answer but its true. Only back then, I didn’t knew about was the name, I was not aware that the stuff what I was interested and passionated at was called “Mechanical Engineering”. Till my SLC I was strong at my goal, I used to fix things well myself, I used to fly self made drones, drive self made amateur remote cars and more. But I could see clear rejections and dislikes of my parents toward my passion at that time. They were not happy with me, they wanted me just to study and enjoy a officer level job.

After my Plus two, I appeared IOE exam but according to my grades I was not qualified to study Mechanics at pulchowk, I was qualified for civil and other streams at Dharan and Pokhara IOE but that was not the stream I wanted for. I requested my parents that I wanted to study mechanics in India but what I got was a clear rejection. Then I was again forced to apply abroad which I never wished for. Luckily I was rejected for abroad studies. Then I started staying home because of my year loss, I started thinking more, slowly I was drowning in the pool of deepression. I was so deepressed I lost all the hopes of studying, and life happened and I didn’t want to loss the next year as well so I ended up studying the subject that I never wished for.


During these period what I discovered was, I changed a lot. I used to be a funny, entertaining, cool, logical and talent guy. But now i lack all these, I love being quiet, I love being alone, I get irritated and angry easily. I am not happy in any ways. I just don’t love my current college although it has a huge building and garden, I don’t find my friends creative and worthy overall I don’t find them of my type. I find everything wrong and misplaced. I feel myself useless and impractical. This is just an example I wrote here that how does it feel when you can’t do what you love.

To sum up don’t fear to make your passion a goal. Don’t fear of money, you will make money for sure if you gear up for your passion with great enthusiasm and zeal. You may make less money but you will always be happy and motivated for doing what you love. You may fail but you will rise, give your good work a acceleration and don’t listen to anyone except your heart.



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