Feminism; Why Nepal shall stay out of it

Instead of copying the exact same feminism movement as being carried out in the western world, we shall introduce and flourish a new movement where every human being who are being suppressed would be uplifted.

Been 183 years since Charles Fourier introduced the word ‘Feminsim‘ and till the date, every self proclaimed feminists have their own definitions of it, whose modality of application frequently differs according to their benefit.

Since media literacy is unbelievably low in people nowadays, media manipulated feminism has taken it’s pace leading serious misconceptions in the young mind of women, causing some really serious problems in the order of society.

Here’s why Nepal shall stay out of the exact feminism movement that’s happening today in the western world;

Eliminating originality of women

Today in the name of feminism, some women are desperately trying to be like men, mistaking their originality as their weakness. They are not ready to accept the simple biology that made us unique. These are those type of women asking for topless rights as men, copying the morally wrong behaviour of some men like late night partying, harsh and rude attitude, narcotics, e.t.c. and regardless of physical & mental capacity, skills and knowledge, they wanna do everything a man is doing with only and only prime motivation that “If a man can do, then why can’t I?”

Conflicts among people

Previously, a genuine feminism movement increased the exposure of women in different sectors of society. That was possible only when women began to show interest in outdoor activities and began to ask for their rights and place with those dominating the society back then i.e some men, to participate in those activities like men did.

But today in the name of feminism, there isn’t such asking for the rights, instead most women go with the statement “Why shall I ask my rights with a man?”, considering man hating as the way of uplifting women.

These are the same type of women who would attend a funeral in a miniskirt and later victimise self, complaining how society judges women and all.

Focusing on gender than concept

As the movement itself is women centric, it only deals with the issues related to women only. But this world has everykind of people being supressed whether it is man or women, kid or adult, young or old. So, why to flourish a movement where only women are prioritised? Let everyone be the priority, every women, every man, every kid, every adult, every young and every old.

So, instead of copying the exact same feminism movement as being carried out in the western world, we shall introduce and flourish a new movement where every human being who are being suppressed would be uplifted.

Depression, stress and anxiety

Back then feminism helped out women, who were seemingly interested to be exposed to the economic world to achieve their interest or aim. But today, a forwarded women or successful women is misinterpreted as only those women who are earning some money.

So, even though without their self interest, they are just pressurized to earn money. About One in eight middle-age women in the United States are on depression, and one of major reason is pressure due to work. (According to NIMH and American Psychologists Association) So what’s a life that’s not being lived?

Pure Hypocrisy

These media manipulated feminists nowadays are a pure hypocrites. They would fight for equal pay as men at workplace (regardless of their performance and contribution towards the company) and then later on go for searching for a man to marry who earns higher than them, which is fine actually, but a hypocrisy.

They would debate about physical strength of men and women but when a situation arises where great physical strength is required they leave it to men, which is also completely okay, but a hypocrisy.

They would show their concern on various women related violence (like sex trafficking, harassment, objectification, rape, torture) which shall be shown by everyone, but later on indirectly and unknowingly support these activities by idolising shitty rappers who would directly portray these things like women are made for these, watching pornographic movies where majority of women involved are brought through sex trafficking, tortured, raped, e.t.c.

Priyanka Chopra’s before marriage and after marriage


Let’s keep the western world aside, in countries like Nepal and India, women with good moral values are kept far above men. They are respected with the word ‘नारी’ i.e ‘Lady’ ignoring how much they earn, or how attractive they look. But of course, anyone can involve in earning to gain financial freedom, but as said by Sadhguru, if we keep making money as the someone’s value, then men is the only value. Also, in the name of feminism, if women try to equal to men, then probably they are downgrading themselves.

Sadhguru on feminism


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