Fact Check: Viral Post Suggests, Chinese Doctor Said Tea Cures Covid-19


    Chinese Doctor Said Tea Cures Covid-19

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    There is no evidence that advocates and supports that tea cures COVID-19.

    A post has been viral on Facebook and other social media platforms which says that one of the Chinese doctors suggested tea can cure Corona virus infection (Covid-19).

    While doctors and scientists are doing their best to come up with a cure for Covid-19, social media users are coming up with totally nonsense ideas.

    Social media users claim that Chinese doctor Li Wenliang had said that tea controls the corona virus.

    He is the first doctor who gave the information about Corona virus and he also died of the same virus.

    As per the social media viral post, tea contains chemical compounds required to cure Covid-19 as the Chinese doctor suggested. Viral posts on social media also reported that a hospital in China gave 3 cups of tea in a day to cure Covid-19 patients.

    They went on to claim the news came from CNN but CNN has reported nothing about this. CNN also has a report on the very doctor but that report doesn’t tell anything about the medication suggested by him.

    It is not yet known which drug or vaccine is used to control the coronavirus. Drugs and vaccines are currently under trial.

    There is no evidence that advocates and supports the viral post so that’s fake. Let’s not fall for that.

    Viral Post Saying Tea Cures Covid-19

    This post went viral all over the internet. As of now, the post has been deleted. You can find the archived page of this post here.


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