Facebook Video Call Lets 50 Users : ZOOM Will Be Facing A Giant Rival

Facebook has rolled out a new update to Facebook Messenger that let's connect up to 50 members in a video call.

Facebook has rolled out a new update to Facebook Messenger that let’s connect up to 50 members in a video call. This announcement was done by CEO Mark Zuckerberg on a Facebook video address on Friday.

This update from Facebook was scheduled to release later but due to the massive demand for such feature during this lockdown caused by coronavirus has led them to roll it earlier.

New messenger rooms will let up to 50 members to connect on a video call without any time limit. The host can invite any users who don’t have a Facebook account too. Users will be able to join such video calling rooms easily if the room is made open. The video chats will not be end-to-end encrypted however Facebook said that they will be doing it real soon in the future. Also, Facebook will be gathering some user data which they claim will be useful to enhance the feature.

After this update was announced the leading cloud meeting Platform, Zoom’s share was reduced. It is believed that this major update will be a rival to Zoom Cloud Meetings.

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This updated feature is being tested in the UK, US, and some countries with certain users. However, it will take up to a week to roll out to all Facebook users.

Along with this major update many other minor things have been added during the video address. The old feature “Live With”, which allowed the host to invite other users during the live is back, the desktop version of Instagram live is launched and Facebook also added that this Messenger Rooms feature will be integrated to Instagram Direct and WhatsApp in near future.

Summary on the updates made by Facebook

I wanted to share a summary of the new product updates I just discussed on the livestream to help us all feel connected…

Geplaatst door Mark Zuckerberg op Vrijdag 24 april 2020


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