ECB Likely To Start Cricket In Closed Doors

The fear of COVID-19 is hitting around the world day by day.The death count has increased to more than 20,000 in around 175 countries.

Almost all the sporting events had been postponed and whole globe is under lockdown. ECB had decided to cancel all the series upto 28 May earlier.But recently they are thinking to start the cricket events in closed doors after the green signal from government.

“We’re mapping out what international matches would look like behind closed doors,”  said Steve Elworthy, director of events of ECB.

He added,”You would likely have to work within that number [which would be made up of essential matchday staff]… then you have to think about medical provisions, creating a safe and sterile environment around that venue, so that everyone who comes in is clear.So it’s how you test them at the gate, the isolation units that you have to put in. These are considerations we are thinking about.”

Steve Elworthy

He guaranteed that the sport is one of the greatest unifiers. He believed that the power of sport and cricket will help to come out from all this pulling the country together.


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