Easy Taxi Nepal Mobile App: Uber of Nepal?

Easy Taxi Nepal Mobile App: Uber of Nepal?
Photo. Lexis Rukell

Valley Taxi Businessman and Driver Service Organization have started a taxi service based on a mobile application.

More than 5 thousand self-employed taxi drivers of the Valley have started providing taxi services through this app.

Regarding the increasing use of technology, the Valley Taxi Businessman and Driver Service society has been beta testing the app service since Baisakh 2076.

Now the team has officially announced that the customers can use their service from a mobile app called “Easy Taxi Nepal”

How To Use Easy Taxi Nepal App?

For the use of Easy Taxi service, one should download the Easy Taxi App.

For Android users, you can download the app Easy Taxi Nepal from here.

After downloading the app one should register in the app with name, email, phone number and other required credentials.

After successful registration user can see their real-time location. User can request a taxi ride for their defined location through the map and one of the taxi drivers will accept the invitation and receive the passenger by calling to their phone.

For now, the passengers have to pay the fare in cash but it is likely that they will add some digital payment method.


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