Do You Still Believe in Lockdown?

The day when people’s pockets get empty, they will start to disobey the lockdown.

Image Credit: The Kathmandu Post

There are two types of opinions circulating during this Covid-19 pandemic; lockdown is necessary, and lockdown is useless. Social media “experts” suggest their favorable thoughts. People are comparing the rise of Coronavirus cases in Nepal with Italy. Mostly, the readymade opinion plunges through “experts” saying: Do Lockdown, otherwise it will be like Italy.

But people are differing the readymade opinions—those who do not believe in lockdown, only see this as an act of limiting the freedom of citizens. They give examples of Korea, Japan, Vietnam to control their argument. These types of people do not want to get limited inside their home, they prefer opening up and living with the virus.

The Government of Nepal did a 4 months long lockdown to contain the virus, but that did not happen. Rather, people enjoyed the lockdown as their holidays. Now, after opening up in Shrawan 7, Nepal has seen a sharp rise in the Covid-19 cases tallying the number into 28,275. Elderly and those who are suffering from other diseases got succumbed to the coronavirus after lockdown comparing to before Shrawan 7. More people lost their lives after the end of country-wise lockdown tallying the number into 114. Coronavirus has now entered into clusters and the community. Still, the government denies cases of community transmission, but hotspots like Parsa, Morang, Kathmandu, and Mahottari are getting hundreds of daily cases without any travel history.

Having a lack of hospital beds, and isolation centers, the government is encouraging people to stay in home isolation. Now the virus has entered into the community, the local authorities, rural municipalities, and municipalities are now randomly imposing lockdowns and prohibitory orders. The economy is now again going into a shutdown.

People know coronavirus will not go away. Public health experts, economists are encouraging to test more, trace more, and contain the virus without closing the public activities. The border areas, densely populated cities must limit public movements but should not completely shut down as before. Lockdown seems a good option, but the Nepal government already did a 4-month long lockdown, which has now created an adverse effect in the economy.

One thing is imminent; public knowledge about the virus. Without public support, the country will not contain a virus. We have open borders which are now a major problem to achieve the goal of making coronavirus free countries. The public should also understand the efforts of the government, and they should follow the measures. Health ministry’s guideline; SMS—a person should keep a physical distance of at least 2 meters along with using the mask and washing hands often with soap-water, or sanitizer—should be followed by the people.

Blaming the government won’t help us, rather, we should help the government. And, the local authorities also understand that lockdown is not the only solution to restrain the virus. Lawmakers should understand, the day when people’s pockets get empty, they will start to disobey the lockdown. Eating only one type of meal is not satisfactory for a human, he/she needs different recipes, like that, imposing lockdown is not only one option. The government should think twice about other options.


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