Dhurmush-Suntali Back Again In Meri Bassai

It’s been 5 years that the major people who were behind the superhit comedy serial “Meri Bassai” have left it.

First of all the starting director cum actor of Meri Bassai, Daman Rupakheti left the show, later Sitaram Kattel aka Dhurmus, Kedar Ghimire aka Magne Buda and Kunjana Ghimire aka Suntali left the show after Media Hub failed to pay them nice money. Then, Kedar Ghimire tied up with duo Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula as an actor and producer in making films. However, the husband-wife comic partner Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire were left out from the comedy and they started their social work.

There’s a new film of Dhurmush-Suntali, Senti Virus that is scheduled to release on 09th Falgun 2076 (21st Feb 2020). This particular movie directed by Ram Babu Gurung is meant to support the ongoing Gautam Budhha International Cricket Stadium.

So, the duo Dhurmush-Suntali will be back on your favourite show Meri Bassai with their iconic Dhurmush-Suntali avatar on Tuesday in order to promote their new movie Senti Virus.

Sitaram Kattel says, ‘Not only the audience, but we also love this character of Dhurmush-Suntali. This particular role of ours match our tuning. We want to be the Dhurmush-Sunatli of starting days.”


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