Deepak Raj Giri And Team Donates 1 Lakhs To Film Technicians

Deepak Raj Giri and his Chakka Panja team have declared to donate NRS 1 lacs and 10 thousand to needy film spot guys and technicians during this nationwide lockdown.

Many technicians working behind the scenes of Nepali cinema are in trouble now due to this lockdown. They are not able to work and are having a problem. So, looking at this bad situation Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula, Jitu Nepal, Kedar Ghimire (Magne Buda) and others from the team Chakka Panja declared to donate NRS 1 Lacs 10 thousand to the needy people in cinema field.

Deepak Raj Giri has also appealed other film makers to donate the needy ones.

Deepak Raj Giri on his Facebook writes.

And let you know that Chakka Panja 4 is coming in Dashain 2077.


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