Dayahang Rai’s Story With Photo Feature

Dayahang Rai is a performing artist, executive, and play author. He has recieved three National Awards for Best Supporting Actor in 2009 for Dasdhunga, Best Actor in 2015 for Sambodhan, and Best Actor in 2016 for Kabaddi. Dayahang rose to conspicuousness from the TV arrangement Yuva, Dalan and Hamro Team. His first driving part in a film was in Anagarik (2006). He discovered accomplishment in the movies Dasdhunga (2009), Loot (2012), Chhadke (2013), Badhshala (2013), Karkash (2013), Jholey (2014), Kabaddi (2013) and its spin-off Kabaddi (2015), Talakjung versus Tulke (2014), and Sambodhan (2014). He has worked together in four movies with companion Ram Babu Gurung.

Dayahang Rai was born on April 13, 1980 out of a remote town in Bhojpur area in Eastern Nepal. He lived in a middle class family there. Dayahang finished his lower level education from Pashupati Lower Secondary School in Khawa VDC, Bhojpur region and his secondary school from Annapurna Secondary School, Dilpa in 1998. He was roused by his mom who used to narrate him various children’s stories in his youth. 

Dayahang began acting from his schooldays. He completed his intermediate-level studies at Bhojpur Multiple College, with geography as the major subject. He came to Kathmandu in 2001 and joined the Nepal Maanawiki Campus (then RR Campus) as a journalism major. He could not do well in studies. He then moved towards theatre and stage shows. He’s now one of the admired and loved star of industy.


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