What is Daari Gang?

“Gala Ma Dari, Kadh Ma Jimmewari” this slogan sounds so good, right? so, are the members of “Daari Gang” a Facebook established group of youths who love to grow a beard. They don’t only grow beards they grow peace, love, affection, social work and humanity too.

Daari Gang is a Facebook-based group of people who loves to grow a beard. There are around 100K members in the group.

Looking on to the group initiation and establishment firstly group was made only for fun, posting self bearded photos and all entertaining stuff. But later on, time changed and so the group rules, regulations, and themes. Now Daari Gang works for social welfare, participate in various social works. The member from the group can seek solutions for their problems by posting in the group. The unity there in Daari Gang among one Lakh plus brothers is worth praising and applauding.

Daari Gang includes members from wide ranges of fields, ranging from doctors, engineers, teachers to police and more. Daari Gang is also popular among actors like Deepak Raj Giri, Nischal Basnet, Barsha Raut, Bipin Karki and more.

daari gang
Daari Gang team protesting against Nepal Banda.

Writing this article there are 103,409 members in the group and 23 admins and moderators. These admins and moderators approve the posts in the group to maintain the group privacy and standard.

Watch “Mero Daari” Music Video.


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