CAN Announces 4 New Committee

The Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN) on Monday appointed new members for added four new committees.

After the re-admission by the International Cricket Council, CAN is re-constructing all the body and rules. Following the path, CAN came up with the four new committees to add to the previous one.

Previously, CAN asked ICC for increment in the salary of National Cricket Players.

Tournament Committee, Technical Committee, Financial Committee and Media Committee are four committees were new members were added.

List of members for four new committee announced by Cricket Association of Nepal

Tournament Committee

  • Prashant Bikram Malla(coordinator)
  • Daud Ansari
  • Rishi Ram Gautam
  • Bikram Bist
  • Kailash Bist

Technical Committee

  • Sanjay Raj Singh(coordinator)
  • Birendra Bahadur Chand
  • Amit Bir Pandey
  • Arun Kumar Aryal
  • Sanjay Gurung

Financial Committee

  • Roshan Kumar Singh(coordinator)
  • Madhav Karmacharya
  • Durga Raj Pathak

Media Committee

  • Ashok Nath Pyakurel (coordinator)
  • Bhanu Bhakta Sigdel

Following on the guidelines by the government on coronavirus pandemic, CAN announced the newly formed committee and their respective members through social media.


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