Cricket Association Of Nepal (CAN) To Start Nepal Premier League (NPL)

While many domestic leagues like Pokhara Premier League(PPL), Everest  Premier League (EPL), Dhangadhi Premier League (DPL) are gaining popularity in Nepal, Nepal Cricket Association (CAN) has decided to start Nepal Premier League (NPL).

CAN’s board meeting held on Monday proposed for Nepal Premier League (NPL). In the 2077 calendar presented by the competition coordinator Prashant Malla proposes to make NPL in the month of Karthik 2077.

While the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) was in suspension, the International Cricket Council (ICC) allowed to start different leagues to charge fee of $20,000.

Now the main question arises as to what else happens when the Cricket Association Nepal itself starts and owns the franchise league. But as the NPL is yet to be decided, there might occur problems with smooth running of other domestic private leagues.

However, the first season of Nepal Premier League already started in 2015 by Amir Akhtar who is now the owner of the Everest Premier League (EPL). But after allowing a private company to do the NPL, controversy broke out in CAN and after the issue of financial transparency, the ICC had suspended the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN).

However, the decision to start the Nepal Premier League (NPL) is not finalised yet.


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