Is Lockdown The Only Solution For COVID-19?

Before implementing lockdown there are few questions that need answers. Is COVID-19 Itself a Crisis? If someone is infected with COVID- 19, does that person die right away?, Is lockdown the only solution for this nasty virus?

Let’s take a look on the COVID-19 statistics of Nepal.

Confirmed Cases4,364
COVID-19 stats as of 11th June 2020

About 0.3 % of the people died (many of them had other serious health problems) and 15% recovered. Many of the infected people don’t even have the symptoms.The point is that the recovery rate is going to increase.

One another reference:The number of deaths in the world in the last 3 months of 2020.

Common Cold3,69,602
Road Accidents
Number of deaths worldwide in last 3 months.

If we look at the global stats of Corona virus infections, out of total corona cases 81% of the Cases are mild, 14% of the Cases are moderate, and only 5% of the Cases are critical.

So Does COVID-19 Really Need Lockdown ?

According to Nepal Labour Force Survey 2018-19 unveiled by the Central Bureau of Statistics unemployment rate estimated at 11.4 percent. The condition of year 2020 is not the same as in year 2019. It’s uncertain how much time does Covid19 will take in the upcoming future.

WHO warned already telling that there is possibility, Covid19 will stay with us like the HIV virus. We have to be in a living together type of relationship with the nasty virus.

Of course the current global epidemic is a health crisis but it’s affecting not only the health sector but the whole process of our civilization. The whole world is gonna suffer from lots of crises. But a Country like Nepal whose main fraction of the economy depends upon remittance and donation is going to suffer from a huge serious problems. About 17% of the population of Nepal are under the poverty line. The large fraction of the population is occupied by the working class. Unfortunately, all the jobs of the working class people have vanished due to the lockdown caused by nasty virus.

It’s been more than two month of lockdown in Nepal. It’s more than in the Bhuhan city where COVID-19 first case was found.

The number of  suicide cases crossed  the line of thousand already in the last couple of months. Many people died due to the lack of the food and health services rather than the Corona virus.

So, time has come, Government should work on to change the model of lockdown. Government has two options. Either it should be able to feed all the people, treat them and make them safe. Or they should change the model of lock down, urge everyone to carryout their works with maximum caution and safety.

stay safe ! The Biggest Virus is not Corona Virus but Fear!


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