Costliest 3 Minutes Of My Life

It was ordinary day of mid-December. As usual, I was rubbing my ass on that chair in my office, typing cryptic code and trying to make some system work perfectly. I was nowhere near done, suddenly my cell beeped. It was text from the girl I loved the most.

“Hey, it’s been a while since last time we’d talked. Today is my flight at 3 :20 pm. I would very much love to get a hug from you. Don’t know we will meet again or not. If possible, please be there to bid me farewell. Your presence will definitely make my march towards medical career more majestic and ceremonious.”

I was damn excited and was equally saddened, for she was leaving the country to make her dream come true that afternoon and my client was waiting in the lobby to grab me by throat if I couldn’t complete the project in time. I tried to come up with proper excuses to leave early from the office.
“Well, you have very urgent appointment outside the office huh? Are you changing the company?” That bastard supervisor talked to me in a usual manner, rude.
“It’s personal sir. It has no relevance with my job. Actually one of my friend is leaving abroad for her medical studies and I want to say her bye.” I replied.
He pushed his iPhone 6 towards me and said,” make a call to her and say her bye.”
That was so typical of him. As expected. But it annoyed me like hell that day.
“Sir, it’s very important. If you cannot grant me a half-day leave today, I’d better quit my job right now.” I then looked at the clock hanging behind that bastard and it proclaimed 13:45.
‘Holy crap, 1 hour and 35 minutes. She might already be inside the check in point. How come I make it there in time?” I talked to myself.
“I am leaving sir. If you want me in office tomorrow onwards then give me a call this evening, else I will email you my resignation letter.” I said to him and left.
I ran hall faster than the wind. I forgot my jacket in the office itself. I rented a taxi and reached the airport. I then suddenly remembered that one day she had talked about flowers with me. That she loves being treated with flower on her farewell. In fact she had made me promise that I would come to airport with handful of flowers and say her bye; personally. I then paid the taxi fare, rushed to the flower shop, without having a single look at my watch. I paid the price of flower and was running like a crazy guy with my both arms filled with flowers. Price of those flowers was under 1500 but the value they carried was just under infinitely infinite if not more. Then suddenly my cell beeped all over again.
It was a text message. Yes from her, to whom I was there to bid a farewell, whose hug meant so much for me that I had put my job at stake, who being a single person was dearer to me than all the people in this word combined, who was my world.”L My plane just took off. I wish you were there. I will miss you. And I am so unfortunate for not being able to see you for the last time. I knew you would come, but it was already too late. Take care. Have a happy life. Farewell. Love. Kisses; last ones actually. L”

I felt sharp pain in my Adam’s apple. Even the breathe refused to get in. I felt like suffocating. I cursed myself millions of time. And then only I looked at the time, it was already 15:23 on my cell. Shit I couldn’t even wave my hand to that plane that carried her to her to that place where her dream awaits her. She thought her unfortunate, means I cannot even be unfortunate because I was about to kill myself out of that sadness. I dumped all of those flowers in the nearby garbage can and was out of the airport gate. Then I noticed a girl was staring at me from inside the car. I took a glance and finally discovered that it was her sister, about whom she had talked with me couple of times and I had seen her pic on facebook. “If not her, I will wave my hand to her. Because I will never get another chance to wave my hands to the lady in the car as well.” I talked to myself.
She too acknowledged my good bye and pulled the windshield of her car. Then I was more saddened. Then only I realized that she had talked about me to her sis as well. That she must have told her sis how much I meant to her. That she might have told her sis just as I do her, she too wants me for her happiness to be real and make sense. Else why would her sister wave her hand to me, to almost a total stranger?
I return so called home, rental home actually. Checked facebook. I was blocked in her facebook. I pushed a status,”How important a minute can be, you only realize it when you missed the last chance to meet the person you love the most by couple of minutes. I will never forgive myself for this delay. The costliest delay of my life.”I got a sudden friend request. It was her sis, little sis actually, the same lady who had waved her hand from inside the car. I accepted it, and then she commented below that status,

“Don’t worry, I will convey your message. But she waited for you till last minute. She came closest possible to me and whispered to me in broken voice with her eyes full of tears, tears of urgency, tears of not being able to see you, tears of emptiness created by your absence.”
She mentioned about the whisper but didn’t wrote anything about the things that were whispered to her. I desperately waited for a while, hoping she would comment one more with whisper. After couple of minute I too commented.
“What did she say?”
Then came a few words from same lady in the car as comment below my comment that made me feel the most painful place to be on internet was facebook.
“She whispered to me to tell you that she loved you with all her heart. She asked me to thank you for being the way you had been for her. She said you were her motivation and you pushed her to not give up her dream of being a doctor. She had planned to introduce you to our parent right at the airport. And she had planned to keep the flower you had promised to get for her on farewell between the pages of her book till the designation doctor come to her and then hand that lucky-charm pressed flower to you on wedding night.”

I did nothing, deactivated the facebook, went to the bathroom and splashed cold water all over my body. I felt no cold, just the pain inside was enough to make me numb outside. And said to myself with her thought all over my head, “If not in this life time, but surely in next life time, I’ll carry you home baby. But in this life time, I carry you in my soul and in my smile. Even the thought of yours empowers me and puts a smile on my face. Take care and be the best doctor. I will be one happy person for you, forever. To infinity and beyond, it’s you and only you baby.”
Later that evening I got the text from my supervisor,
“You are fired.”
I replied,
“You cannot fire me, coz I quit. Professional commitment makes no sense to me when I couldn’t keep the promise of the person I loved the most.”

-Anup Dhakal Chapain


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