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Baburam Thapa’s Wife Blames Hospital Authority For Her Husbands Death

Last Updated on 03/31/2020 09:00 PM
A 33 years old Baburam Thapa recently (16th Chaita) died at Butwal Special Corona Treatment Hospital. He was referred to Special Corona Hospital on suspicion of COVID-19.

However, after his death, he was tested negative for COVID-19.

His wife blames the hospital authority for his death and asks for proper investigation. She says “They left him untreated saying he was the victim of COVID-19. She says her husband was kept without medicine and food in the hospital. She adds, no doctor tried to check him.

His dead body is still in a temporary hospital. She asks for justice and investigation. Until she doesn’t get the justice she won’t take the dead body she added.

Read the full story here.

Ex-King To Donate On Corona Relief Fund

Last Updated on 03/31/2020 08:00 PM
Ex-King Gyanendra Shah has announced to donate NRS 2 crores in Corona Relief Fund.

Health Workers From Humla Flee Away

Last Updated on 03/31/2020 07:40 PM
Health workers working at the Dadafaya health post in Humla Simkot 7 have been found to run away from the health post after doing their full attendance of Chaitra.

While the government has directed all the health workers to stay at their designated place health-workers from Dadafaya health post in Humla Simkot 7 have found to flee away.

People Kneeled For Violating Lockdown

Last Updated on 03/31/2020 07:35 PM
Police have kneeled down two people in Dharan for violating the lockdown issued by the government.

The two were kneeled in front of the ward police office Dharan for violating lockdown.

Photo Creds. Online Khabar

Another Negative Report From Janakapur

Last Updated on 03/31/2020 07:01 PM
Both the patients from Janakpur tested negative for Corona Virus

Two men from Dhanusha were admitted to the hospital on suspicion of Corona infection (COVID-19) after they returned from India. But both the patients were tested negative.

Another Negative Report

Last Updated on 03/31/2020 07:01 PM
Patient Died At Bir Hospital tested negative for Corona virus.

India-Nepal Border Will Not Open

Last Updated on 03/31/2020 07:01 PM
The India-Nepal border will not open during this lockdown and The government from both sides has agreed to manage the citizens of both Nepal and India who have returned to the Dasgaja area to stay in the very place where they are.

Lockdown Extended For Domestic Airlines

Last Updated on 03/31/2020 07:01 PM
The lockdown for domestic airline operation has been extended till the 3rd of Baisakh 2077.

The Butwal Case: Report To Come Today
Yesterday a person died at Butwal Special Corona Treatment Hospital. However, the Corona report of him will come by today evening.

Update: The patient tests negative for Corona virus.

Corona Report Update

The Ministry of Health and Population released the results of 42 samples on Sunday under the ongoing test for coronavirus. But none of them has the Corona virus, the ministry said. Among 987 samples collected, a report for 42 samples has come.

Nepal Rastra Bank Extends The Debt Payment Date

The debt and interest payment deadline has been extended to 30th Asar by Nepal Rastra Bank. People can now pay their debt and interest by Asar.

Get more information on this here.

No Money & Food During Lockdown? Call Police

If you don’t have money and food you can now call Kathmandu Metropolitan Police for help during this lockdown. This particular help is just for people residing in Kathmandu Valley.

However, people from other places can contact police and local bodies for help if needed.

Police Got Beaten In Lockdown

Last Updated On 03/30/2020
A group of people violating lockdown has beaten police. Police were beaten when they tried to convince a group of 8-9 people playing cricket at Gandak Chowk in Parwanipur VDC 5 in Bara.

According to police, Ganesh Kumar Sah, of Nautan Parwanipur village had beaten the police with a cricket bat while police tried to convince them not to play cricket.

International Flights Lockdown Gets Extended

The meeting of the High-Level Committee on Prevention and Control of COVID-19 on Sunday decided to extend the international flights ban till 15th April (Baisakh 3)

Person In Quarantine Dies At Butwal, Rupandehi

A person from Sainamaina, Rupandehi dies today at Butwal Corona Special Hospital. The sample has already been sent to Kathmandu but the results of Corona Virus have not come yet.

Lockdown Extended

The meeting of the High-Level Committee on Prevention and Control of COVID-19 on Sunday concluded that the lockdown period has been extended till 25th Chaitra.


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