Chakka Panja 3 Releases New Song | Watch Video


Chakka Panja 3 release date has been settled for Asoj 24 (Ghatasthapana). Chakka Panja group has discharged its two songs before for this motion picture, one of them has been a hit at any rate however, the second one couldn’t do that a considerable measure of charm..

Chakka Panja team this time is working very hard for promotion and marketing, it may be due to it’s clash with “Jay Bhole”. Chakka Panja 3 team are not leaving any crate in promotional activities may it be by creating pranked rivlary, going to various reality shows and tele-serials or creating promotional song. Chakka Panja 3 team has now come up with new promotional song. You will find it intresting.

Watch The New Promotional Song of Chakka Panja 3 from Here!

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Watch Chakka Panja 3 Pahilo Number Ma Song From Here!


Watch Chakka Panja 3 Pachi Umer Dhalkincha Song From Here!

Chakka Panja 3 is been presented by Ama Sarswati Movies and IME. This sequel has been directed Deepa Shree Niraula and the story and screen play is lead by Deepak Raj Giri. Deepak Raj Giri, Deepika Prasain, Priyanka Karki, Kedar Prasad Ghimire (Magne Buda), Jeetu Nepal ( Mundre), Neer Shah, Shiva Hari Paudel, Kiran KC, Buddhi Tamang, Anurag Kunwar, Laxmi Giri, Wilson Rai and more are in the lead roles. This film is jointly produced by Suman Giri , Shiva Hari Paudel, Kiran KC, Tara Chandra Bajgain, Purushottam Pradhan, Dipendra Khaniya and Keshav Neupane.


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