Chakka Panja 3 Movie Review

Chakka Panja 3 movie got released today. This movie is been presented by Ama Sharswati Movies and IME. The lead actors include Deepak Raj Giri, Depika Prasain, Kedar Prasad Ghimire, Jitu Nepal, Shivhari Paudyal, Buddhi Tamang, Kiran KC, Anurag Giri, Laxmi Kunwar any many more.

If you are entertainment lover then Chakka Panja 3 is a full dose for you. It includes drama, music, story, suspense  and obviously good direction. There won’t be a single second that you will move your eyes off the movie. The direction of Deepa Shree Niraula is praise worthy. The screenplay and story of the movie is so amazing, all the big credit to master mind Deepak Raj Giri.

A big mass of actors are included and presented in a very beautiful way. There is no any such actors who did not suit the film. Mistakes that were made in the previous films have been corrected. The whole film is a comedy base with a strong message. The whole film deals rounding the cold wars, issues and politics in between politicians there interference in government school and all. If you are a suspense lover then you will encounter with small small blocks of suspense time and again. In the first half of the movie you will die laughing, however in the second part the story of the film accelerates with blocks of suspense and obviously comic dialogues from Kedar Prasad Ghimire, Jeetu Nepal,  Buddhi Tamang, Deepak Raj Giri and others will not leave you. Every actors from the movie have done their best to take out their ace in them. However there are some mistakes and glitches which can be neglected.

To sum up Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula and team have done a great job you will enjoy the film to the fullest. Give a watch. I go with 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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