Cha Maya Chapkkai Review : Too Many Characters, Superficial Topics

If we neglect some mistakes, Cha Maya Chapakkai is a give-a-watch movie. It doesn't disappoint the audience unless they have high expectations.

Cha Maya Chapakkai‘ jointly produced by Rohit Adhikari and IME was the most anticipated movie of the year. Finally the Deepak-Deepa’s most awaited venture has been released and luckily the movie has got fantastic opening and word-of-mouth.

The team says that the movie has been based on true incidents that happened on some place of far western region.

The movie Cha Maya Chappakai is a sociopolitical drama. It potrays the bad politics between the two political parties and unusual distribution of resources.

Looking at the story of the movie, it seems amazing. Taking into account of small water problem of a village the story is perfectly executed.

According to the film, after the earthquake of 2045 B.S the water source in Ghaderi village has dried up, the village has become completely deprived of water. Comrade BP Paudel (Deepak Raj Giri) is aiming to fulfill his dream of bringing water to the village by winning the election of Babu (Prakash Ghimire). He has become involved in Communist politics through the Progressive People’s Party, following the path taken by his father.

However, Water is abundant in the neighboring village of Todke, which is dominated by the Loktantrik Party, but the opposition leaders are not ready to provide water to the village of Ghaderi, which is a communist hub.

During this political journey, BP’s love for Jaal (Keki Adhikari), daughter of the village leader of Todke, who is considered a ‘political enemy’, starts to bud up.

So, the whole story revolves around a scuffle between both the parties.

What’s The Good?

The film Cha Maya Chappaki is a complete package of entertainment. It doesn’t fail to entertain the audiences. The acting of all the actors is perfect. The comic timing of Kedar Ghimire aka Magne Buda rolls audiences with laugh inside the hall. The screenplay, editing and all the camera works are fine. Also, the concept of “No Vote” in the movies sets the audiences attraction.

What’s The Bad?

Although, the movie is directed by Dipendra Lama, there seems a strong influence of Deepak Raj Giri in the directorial part. In different ways the movie is similar as the previous Chakka Panja series.

If we just listen the audio of the film we will get the story and the message of the film. In the sense we can say the directorial part failed to execute different elements of the movie.

The movie features numerous actors that are more than required. And the director fails to tell the story of every character. The director is in rush to introduce all the characters in the movie. So Ironically, the presentation of all the topics is superficial. It cannot touch the viewer’s senses. The main story of the movie doesn’t seem influential and powerful due to the insertion of too many characters and storyline.

The love between the supporting characters Praveen (Jitu Nepal) and Pooja (Supushpa Bhatt) ends with the viewer not feeling it. With the issue of Praveen-Pooja, BP and Jaal the main problem of water shown in the film is neglected.

Due to the poor work of director the main character of the movie, BP (Deepak Raj Giri) has been dominated by other supporting actors like Goli Kancha and Jitu Nepal.

The movie also seems to trigger communist parties. As per the film Communists have been shown as hypocritical character who easily transforms the party and extorts terrorism. However there is no such diss for Loktantrik Parties in the movie.

In conclusion, if we neglect some mistakes, the movie is a give-a-watch movie. It doesn’t disaapoint the audience unless they have high expectations.

Movie: Cha Maya Chappaki
Director: Dipendra Lama
Rating: 3


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