CarryMinati’s Record Breaking Latest Video Got Deleted From Youtube

CarryMinati's record breaking video "Youtubers VS TikTok : The End" has been taken down.

Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati

CarryMinati’s Latest YouTube Video ‘YouTube vs TikTok: The End’ has been deleted from YouTube. Ajey Nagar who goes by his “CarryMinati” channel had recently posted a YouTube video where he roasted many TikTok stars namely Amir Siddiqui and Faisal Sheikh.

Not only CarryMinati’s video but the videos from Lakshya Chaudhary and Elvish Yadav who roasted Amir Siddhqui have been taken down.

The video has been removed by YouTube on harrashment, threats and cyber bullying ground.

The video had gained massive response on YouTube and among memers alike. The video had over 10 Million likes and over 60 million views. It was the most liked video on YouTube from India.

In reply to CarryMinati’s video Amir Siddiqui had yesterday posted a video in his YouTube channel where he talked about cyber bullying and also apologized for his mistakes in the earlier video.

CarryMinati’s fans are expressing their dissatisfaction to the YouTube decision of taking down the video and want the video to be back in YouTube again.

Here are some of the tweets from his fans.

Some of the fans even trolled and asked TikTok to be banned in their own way in the response of their favourite video being deleted.

It remains to be seen though whether or not the video will be back in YouTube.


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