Bollywood IIFA Awards To be Held In Kathmandu Nepal

IIFA Awards To be Held In Kathmandu Nepal
Creds. IIFA

[Update: In the end, the Government has removed the decision to organize the Indian Film Award (IIFA). After the fourth round of opposition, the government decided not to the IIFA event in Nepal.]

India’s prestigious International Indian Film Academy Award (IIFA Award) has been declared to happen in Nepal.

The last meeting of the Council of Ministers has approved to organize the award. This IIFA award will be under the lead of cooperation between Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and the Kathmandu Metropolitan.

The government had formed a committee in 8th Asar for making the environment of planning for the to-be-held IIFA Awards in Nepal. Deepakraj Joshi, CEO of Nepal Tourism Board, informed that the first meeting of the committee held on Thursday decided to finalize the Model of the IIFA awards within 5 days by discussing it with representatives of IIFA.

The total cost of the award is an initial estimate of Rs 1 billion. At the award ceremony, 80 to 100 actors from Bollywood will be participating. According to the government, all their associates, security personnel and media workers togetherly will count to about 700 pax. Nepal government will support all its forces, security and logistics.

The Committee has selected the Army Headquarters’s Football ground as the IIFA Awards venue.

The IIFA Awards has been held in different countries outside India. For the first time in 2000, the IIFA awards was held in the UK. Then it was respectively organized in South Africa, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, Netherlands, UAE, Britain, Thailand, Macau, Sri Lanka, Canada, Singapore, Macao, America, Malaysia, Spain, and Thailand.

The 20th edition of the IIFA Awards is happening in Augst 2019.


  1. We heartly welcome IIFA in Nepal, but we cannot pay IIFA to be held in Nepal. We cannot pay billions to IIFA just to be held in Nepal. We can help with security, hospitality, logistics and with any kind. So its your choice to IIFA to be held in Nepal or IIFA not to be held in Nepal. and after all if our government pay for IIFA,we people will not tolerate this. Any thing can happen to government or tourism board or for the guest too. Thank you?


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