MRR Blood Database

Men’s Room Reloaded (MRR) is a secret Facebook group founded on 11th December 2011. In order to help people during blood emergency, members of Men’s Room Reloaded (MRR) have given their details.

Before proceeding to use the MRR Blood database. Please, carefully read the message from MRR.

  • MRR Blood Database 2020 is a List of Interested blood donors collected by MRR.
  • It is a database with specific details. Most of the members in this database are members of MRR, If not, the details of the unsolicited voluntary donors have been compiled here with their permission.
  • The details available here are not to be used for any other purpose than Blood donation.
  • Before calling the numbers available in the list please know the situation well and call only if the blood is not available in the blood bank.
  • Blood donation is a matter of free will. Please do not pressurize anyone to donate without their insistence.
  • If the donor doesn’t receive the phone calls, do not call him repeatedly. However, you can send him an SMS with every possible detail.


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