Bhawana Ghimire Received Wrong Answer From Indian Bowler R Ashwin For Her Tweet

Former CEO of Cricket Association Of Nepal(CAN),Bhawana Ghimire and Indian star bowler, Rabichandran Ashwin had simple question answer series in Twitter.

The entire world is taken under by a pandemic virus called ‘COVID-19’ since last two months. Over 12,000 people have already died in more than 100 countries due to the virus.

Coronavrius,started from Wuhan city of China has now its casualties all around the globe. Almost all the country had declared a total lockdown for a month and may be more. Sporting events, meetings,schools,offices has been affected in all countries.

Under a lockdown situation, most of the high profiled personalities are engaged in social media these  day. Some of them spreading news about virus while some having fun with their unique post.

Recently, Bhawana Ghimire posted a tweet asking a simple question of childhood.

“Someone’s mother has four sons. North, South and East. What is the name of the fourth son. Comment here or DM the name of the fourth son. If you lose, you have to retweet. I lost but you may win.”


Ravichandran Ashwin seems to had enjoyed a lot with these questions in his childhood as he replied simply.


But the fact is Ghimire declared Ashwin’s answer as wrong. What  do you think, did Ashwin really fail to answer a simple question?


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