Barsa Raut Gets Slammed By Trollers For Her Statement

Barsha Raut's video statement on the current border dispute has triggered most of the netizens which has gotten her into trouble.

Barsha Raut
Actress Barsha Raut

Barsa Raut, a popular actress from the Nepali film industry has been slammed by Nepali trollers after she released her audience-said-controversial video statement on the current border dispute scenario.

The actress notable works include Chakka Panja, Jatrai Jatra and Mr.Jhole. Raut is quite outspoken and her outspoken nature has gotten her into trouble this time.

Actress Raut was seen in a video where she talked about the ongoing border issues and how journalist from both countries are igniting the issue to disturb the social harmony between two countries . She then proceeded to talk about “How she will be able to face her Indian friends and how her Indian friends will face her”. This particular statement was not taken lightly by most of the netizens.

Barsa Raut then became a source of trolls and memes in no time.

Many Nepali felt that Barsa had to stand for the nation while many felt that she was right and should not indulge in the online war.

Barsha Raut’s Video

Some of the Tweets against Barsa Raut after the incident

Some of the Nepali thought Raut was right and solutions could only be reached with discussions between two neighouring countries.

Some of the tweets in support of Barsa Raut

Barsha Raut Apologised On The Very Issue

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