‘Bandai Cha Nepal 2’ By Mr. D Depicts Frustation of Every Nepali

Arko choti vote dinchu kalle bhanyo talai?

After the massive sucess of ‘Bandai Cha Nepal‘, Mr. D has come up with a sequel ‘Kalley Bhanyo Talai‘.

Kalley Bhanyo Talai (Bandai Cha Nepal 2) has been released today on Mr. D’s official YouTube channel. Written and performed by Mr. D, mixed by Foeseal, beat by Sumanz Tamang, cinematographed and edited by Anil Katwal, Kalley Bhanyo Talai is directed by Suraj Dahal.

This song is the voice of every frustrated Nepali. It curses the politicians for their all wrongdoings from corruption to other heinous acts. It also condemns the act of acid attack and other violence to women. In 4 minutes and 30 seconds Mr. D integrates all the bad things happening around and warns every people behind it.

Watch the song

Watch Bandai Cha Nepal too


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