Balen’s “Balidaan” Musical Video Is A Must Watch

Balen was a popular name during the “Raw Bartz”, he just nailed the Raw Bartz season of 2013. His debut battle with Little Grizzle fired the internet. He then came up with few musical videos and dissappeared for almost six years. Then in the year 2019 he came up with two amazing music videos, Marpha Ko Madira and Gorkhali Toph.

Now again he has come with a real hiphop music that the time had demanded. Balen has come up with “Balidaan” which talks about all the current problems that an ordinary Nepali is facing. Balidaan talks about freedom of speech to corruption and many other social problems.

Balidaan is a work of Balen, directed by The Dumb Director and produced by Dhurba Devi Shah.

Have a watch to Balen’s Balidaan.


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