“Balaatkaari Lai Faansi Dey” Song By The Shadows Nepal Needs Attention

Balaatkaari Lai Faansi Dey The Shadows Band Nepal
“Balaatkaari Lai Faansi Dey” By The Shadows Band Nepal

The Shadows ‘Nepal’ has come up with a very puissant and heart-stirring song that’s against the rape and rapist; also they want the rapist to be hanged till the death.

Shadows Band ‘Nepal’ have come after more than two years with this amazing and electrifying song that carries a strong message. Although Nepali law doesn’t let rapist to be hanged till death, this songs beautifully urges that such people have no reason and right to live.  This song is a desideratum in the current scenario, where more than four rape cases get registered in Nepal in a day and only a few gets justice. The major example can be taken as Nirmala Panta’s rape case, which the song is presumed to be majorly inspired from.

Swapnil Sharma, Prakash Rasaily, Amit Pradhan, Sujan Manandhar, Sahil Rizal and Samir Shrestha are the men behind this song.  The video is directed, conceptualized and edited by Anup Sapkota; captured by Javed Khan and Labesh Shrestha.

The video was premiered in The Shadows ‘Nepal’ official youtube channel on 31st May 2019. The video at the time of writing this article has more than 34K views and 4k Likes. Such a masterpiece really needs attention which it is actually not getting.

Watch  “Balaatkaari Lai Faansi Dey” Song By The Shadows ‘Nepal’ From Below.

Also the, The Shadows ‘Nepal’ are doing “K Paais Nepali” Album Launch Nepal Tour starting from 8th of June 2019. Check what they have to say one facebook.


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