Asgar Ali’s Recent Controversy Raises Question To Banking Apps & Payment System Security

Kathmandu Press on Tuesday published news on the involvement of the Defense minister’s son and various other people including Prime minister’s information technology expert Asgar Ali on purchasing health equipment at a high price.

After the news was published by Kathmandu Press against him, Asghar Ali and his group were alleged to have entered the news portal ‘Kathmandu Press’ and deleted the news unauthorizedly and unethically.

Asgar Ali is the Prime Minister’s IT consultant, Ex-CEO at E-Sewa and is a focal person at IT giant F1 Soft. F1 Soft owns Shiran Technologies, this Shiran Technologies is the company that is behind the making and development of news portal “Kathmandu Press”.

After Kathmandu Press published such news, Shiran Technology unauthorizedly controlled Kathmandu Press’s news portal and deleted the news said Kathamndu Press.

However, the deleted news has been restored in the Kathmandu Press site. You can read that news from here.

Notice placed at the post top by Kathmandu Press on the restored post.

After such allegation on Asgar Ali, Social media has been flooded with a series of posts that questions the security of banking apps as the majority of the banking apps are created and developed by F1 Soft.

Siran Tech Company(a sister company of F1 soft) deleted the one news article of Kathmandu Press by entering into their web sites management system. This has seriously raised cybersecurity threats to the Bank and financial institutions’ information and its payment system. All the payment gateway of our BFIs are operating under the Fonepay network- Developed by F1 soft- a company with no professionalism morale and ethics. In fact, they have raised serious questions over all the IT professionals of Nepal.

This is what Paras Mani Amgain wrote on his Facebook.

Kathmandu Press has recently released their statement have a read here.

Recent Press statement by Kathmandu Press.

Update: Shiran technologies has apologized to Kathmandu Press. They said due to certain miscommunication between the IT technicians the post was deleted.


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