A contemplation of Rape, Made in Nepal

I woke up yesterday, turned on the wifi, and checked my Facebook news feed. And no surprise, another news on rape. Nowadays, it seems that there are a new rape and sexual abuse scenario almost on a daily basis. Really, what the fugk. I do not analyze to see whether all the articles visible to me are fake or not (though there is plenty of fake news), because that is not the issue here. The issue is the sheer quantity and prevalence of rape news. Have rape cases increased overnight? Definitely not.

Why all the halla now? Why not in the past, in the previous years? Is it so that rape and sexual abuse have picked up pace now? Or it is that various media platforms, including forms of social media, have gathered much strength to be able to provide coverage to more and more rape cases?

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The media part is true. Various forms of media have gained many more participants in Nepal and hence have gained a larger exposure and larger coverage of social and political issues. Nowadays the victims, the friends, relatives and families of the victims, and even mindless crowds of different secret FB groups can spread the news of rape and sexual abuse cases.

Rape cases have definitely not picked up pace now. In fact, since society is growing more and more accepting towards the concept of sex and pre-marital sex, rape cases are decreasing. But due to the advent of online and social media, a higher % of the existing cases are being exposed online.

I have something to say about rape. I will try my best not to be biased towards any ideal, thought, or doctrine, and will try to present both sides of this ‘rape’ coin.

Some days ago, the widely covered and exposed, but not yet resolved, Nirmala rape case shocked the nation. Many shouted their support and proclaimed their hatred towards the victim and the yet unknown aggressor. This incident happened to get such astounding coverage, that it got me thinking about the motivation and reason behind the rape and sexual abuse.

The reasons behind the cases of rape and sexual abuse are two-fold. One is the apparent regard of men towards women, where men regard women as inferior and this causes the dominator complex to rise up. Intertwined with this reason, and also another standalone reason is the sexual frustration Nepali men have within them. In a society that strictly prohibits pre-marital sex and has a poor sexual satisfaction level, men are more volatile to what they perceive as advances from women and show aggression, which we term sexual abuse, and if things go north, rape.

And there is also the much hushed and hurried cases of marital or post-marital rape. There are thousands of scenarios every night in Nepal when a husband has sexual intercourse with his wife without the latter’s consent. The law also considers this action as rape. But Nepalese society treats these cases as not breaking any laws, or social customs and traditions. But I ask, does any man own any woman to have sexual intercourse with her without her consent? Isn’t this what slavery used to be like in the colonial eras? Isn’t the world past this? The viewers might see me as cracked, but this is a serious matter to contemplate while contemplating rape.

While discussing rape and sexual abuse, there is always a topic on ‘who’s fault is it?’. And since the media generally plays its feminist cards by portraying women as the victims, the obvious blame is generally on men. And despite one, or a particular rotten group of men, to have done the actual deed, the blame is generally put to the entire male populace, discounting the children and the elderly. Are all men at fault? Are all men rapists, just because a choice few did the deed? After all, there are plenty of rape cases where women are the aggressors and men are the victims? But do our feminists see this as rape? Nooo. Generally, these incidents are hushed over and not given enough coverage, and even if one such incident surfaces us, it is just not given the gravity when and if the participants’ roles were reversed. Do feminists believe that it is nothing for men to be raped? Do women (some) think that men like to be gagged and gangbanged by smelly women with a shitload of sexual frustration? My dear feminists, you are seriously deluded if you think so.

This is my rant on rape. Do not try to rape me online in the comments. If you want me to add anything, or amend anything in the post, comment down below!



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