Apple Decides To Shut Down iTunes

Three new apps will replace iTunes in MacOS

The giant American international technology company, Apple has decided to kill the iTunes. During its recent annual developers conference, Apple announced that they are shutting down the iTunes and splitting it into three other apps in MasOS Catalina (The recently announced MasOS version). The new apps are Apple TV, Apple Podcasts and Apple Music which are now more organised. This update will come with MacOS 10.15.

It has been more than 18 years since iTunes was first introduced. Originally iTunes was launched as a media player only and the main focus of it was just a music. iTunes was primarily used to play, download and organize digital multimedia files such as music and videos and music was still the main focus. And with the announcement of iPods, the iTunes got even more popular and was just a gift to the music lovers.

iTunes – Music

But slowly, the iTunes was not just limited to the music, every software based things Apple used to sell, started to creep its way to iTunes including TV shows, apps and movies. And then not only that, the iTunes became the mobile device managing application for the iOS and it used to manage mobile apps for the iOS operated devices such as iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, which was later discontinued in 2017.

The iOS operated devices used to rely a lot on iTunes. The original iPhones required iTunes activation and iTunes was the only way to install software updates for the iOS devices. Even Apple was aware of this app being chaotic. Newer iPhones rely less on the iTunes software and iTunes started to feel like it’s neglected and outdated.

So, now what Apple finally did is that they just tried to make it simpler by separating iTunes into three other apps designed for each specific niche.

This decision made by Apple makes sense and now everything is in its own place and is now easier to find. These all three newly announced apps do exactly what the name suggests. The Apple Podcasts focuses just on the podcasts. Apple Podcasts has been on the iOS for years and users could easily use this app in their iPhones and iPads and now finally it is rolling in the MacOS as well. The second app; Apple Music is dedicated to music only. These both apps are same like the iTunes but this time they’re focused on their specific niche. And Apple TV, this includes shows from different providers and also some Apple’s own exclusive contents.


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