After Criticism N-Cell Increased The Recharge Bonus To 120%

Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) on Tuesday asked every telecommunication authority from Nepal to provide a 100% bonus to its users during this deadly situation of Corona Virus (Covid-19). Nepal Telecom (NTC) started providing a 100% bonus following the directives, however, N-Cell followed the directives partially and came up with a scheme of 50% bonus on recharge.

After this, users started to criticize N-Cell saying N-Cell denied to follow the directives of NTA during such situations. After much criticism, N-cell has started to provide a 120% bonus on recharge to its users.

Before this, the bonus provided by N-Cell was only valid until midnight of that very day. But now as per the N-Cell, users can enjoy the bonus till 3 days.

The bonus amount the customer receives from the recharge can be used to call, SMS, and operate the Internet within the Ncell network.

Considering the current crisis situation, on Wednesday, Ncell said that it has given many services like free balance transfer service, 15 GB Stay Home Pack for 7 days, and Ncell Sapati up to Rs. 200.


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