Aarif Sheikh Reveals His Favorite Nepali Batsmen

We all are familiar with the lockdown situation of Nepal and whole globe.All the sporting events and practice session is cancelled amid coronavirus fear.

Recently in an interview with onlinekhabar during lockdown, Aarif Sheikh reveals his all time favorite Nepali batsmen.

Aarif Sheikh


Q and A with Nepali batsmen, Aarif Sheikh:

1. What are you doing during this lockdown period?

” Mostly I have got my time to spend with family. Besides I am enjoying cooking and playing indoor games.”

2. What are you doing to avoid Coronavirus?

” I have been using sanitizer from time to time and eating healthy foods.”

3. How are you feeling without cricket?

” Life is boring without cricket for me. For the first time in my life, I’ve been without matches and practice for seven to eight days.”

4.How it feels when there is so much free time?

“It’s like being in a cage.”

5.Favorite Nepali player?

“Sharad Vesawkar, I have been interested in him since I was in the 8th grade.”

6.Favorite foreign player?

“Sachin Tendulkar and Kevin Pietersen”

7.Which Mobile Are You Using?

“IPhone 4 Plus”

8.Favorite game and player beside cricket?

“Football. There are many players , but not particular.”

9. Team’s closest player?

“Almost all players are close.”

10. Favorite singer?

“Atif Aslam of Pakistan.”

11. Favorite actor?

“Dayahang Rai”

12.A moment to remember?

“The day we got the ODI status.”



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