A Short Glance At The History of The Cricket

Most of people think cricket is the game of the modern world and it was born in the modern era but if you too think similar you are totally wrong.

The word “Cricket” is believed to be first derived from the Dutch word “Krick” which means wooden sticks.

The first game of cricket was played by the children of the sixteenth century in the woodlands of South East England. So it was invented by the Saxons or Normans of the 16th century. During that time one side of the players would throw some kind of ball and the batsmen would throw it away using a bat to prevent the ball from hitting from the target. It was a simple game then, no more rules and vexations.

History Of Cricket

Later in the late 18th-century cricket became the national game of England. However, in the nineteenth and twentieth century, it is believed to be globally counterpaned.

During the half of the 18th century, Cricket was believed to be popular among south-eastern countries of England and London. People used to play this interesting game forming different kinds of groups and teams. Cricket was first brought to the West Indies by colonists and to India by East India Company.

The first-ever international match of cricket happened in 1844 between the US and Canada. And in 1877 Cricket became the most popular game after Football.

History of Cricket
English Team Heading Toward US>

The first-ever rules and laws of cricket were written in 1744. The concept of LBW, third stump, etc were invented during this time.

Cricket initially was played with four balls per over. In 1889 the four balls per over were replaced by five balls per over and then this was changed to the current six balls per over in 1900.

In 1992 the concept of the third umpire with TV replays was introduced in a game between India and South Africa.

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