A Powerful Earthquake Hits Turkey Killing 20 And Injuring Hundreds

A massive 6.8 magnitude earthquake has hit the Sivrice, in eastern Elazig province of Turkey collapsing at least 10 buildings. The quake was felt on Saturday morning at 8:55 AM local time.

As per the international news sources, at least 20 peoples have been killed and more than 700 peoples have been injured in the 40 seconds of the quake. According to Turkey’s Disaster Management Agency, more than 30 aftershocks have been felt after the earthquake. 400 Teams have also been deployed for the relief and rescue of the earthquake victims.

The quake was also felt in neighbouring Syria, Lebanon and Iran. In 1999, an upsetting 7.4 heavy quake hit Izmit in western Turkey, leaving in excess of 17,000 people dead incorporating around 1,000 in the nation’s biggest city Istanbul.

Turkey Earthquake
Rescue operation in Malatya province. Photo. CNN
Turkey Quake
Police Rescuing the casualties in Eastern Turkey. Photo. CNN


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