7 Super Powers We All Wish For

We all dream about our superpower fantasy.

We, humans, are the most intelligent creature. We can talk, walk on two legs and do massive kinds of stuff. However, all of us at one time or the other have wanted superpowers that will give us some thrill or an advantage.

Following are the 7 superpowers we wished we had:

1) Ability to be Invisible:

Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor from Mr. India

I think if given a chance to choose a superpower, then most people out there will choose the ability to be invisible at will. You can not be seen by other people but you can see everything happening out there. Sounds interesting right?

2) Ability to Fly:

Tom Flying.

Looking at birds or even Doremon’s ‘Bambocopter’, probably most of us have thought about what we will do if we have the power to fly. Probably, some of you would just fly high as you can. Some of you may want to go to a different country or just be free, the possibility of going places with the ability to fly is limitless and it worth desiring.

3) Ability to Read Minds:

Personally, this is my favourite superpower regardless of whether I can change the thoughts or not. This is especially handy if you want to know what your crush thinks about you. The most useful time of this power, however, is at the time of the exam. You can simply read a mind of the topper friend who had read all night for the exam and write with reading his/her mind.

4) Time Travel:

The most popular science fiction superpower is time travel. Even though Scientist may say the time travel may not be possible, that does not stop us on thinking what we would do if we can actually time travel. Maybe correct the mistakes we had done earlier or maybe going the future to see what happens next to make the correct choice, the time travel superpower is something we love fantasizing.

5) Telepathy:

Telepathy is the ability to communicate without any medium( even without talking). Would it not be wonderful to be able to exchange ideas even without talking? This is very handy in exams and talks to a friend while the teacher is teaching.

6) Teleportation:

The ability to transfer your body from your place to another without you bring physically transferred. Teleportation would allow to visit a distant relative or friend at ease.

7) Super Strength:

This is the superpower a lot of south Indian film fans would want. Just like the hero of a south Indian film fights those well-built villains that too in large number makes us want the super-strength superpower.

Do tell us which superpower will you choose if you are given a choice?


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