7 signs you’re Hari Bahadur

Are we all Hari Bahadur at heart? Check out these 7 signs.

Hari Bahadur, a fictional character played by Hari Bansa Acharya on his comedy show ‘Hari Bahadur Madan Bahadur’ has become new meme for Nepali people all over the internet. The show is popular for its social and political commentary with deep-rooted messages in each of their episodes. The snippets of the show with funny subtitles are making round on people’s feed since the beginning of the lockdown.

Checkout these 7 signs to see if you’re the infamous Hari Bahadur in disguise.

1. You’re single af.

If you’re best friends with ‘muso’ and ‘chhuchundro’ more than people in your life, congratulations you’re one step ahead of becoming the next Hari Bahadur.

2. You blame God for everything wrong going on in your life.

You believe God is at fault for your wrongdoings because well, why not?

3.You are hungry all the time.

Your love for food is never going away because what else is there more comforting than food, am I right?

4.You cannot work to save your life.

You, your bed and your phone has basically become one entity and getting rid of them to work is nearly impossible for you.

5. You are a Guffadi.

If you love giving ‘guffs’ to your friends, that’s fine because who else would overstate your accomplishes if not you?

6. You can’t remember things for longer period of time.

We can agree we all turn ‘sanjay singhaniya’ when it comes to remembering things. If you didn’t get that reference, you’ve completely evolved yourself into Hari Bahadur.

7. You basically can’t live without ‘masu’.

If you don’t love masu, you’re quite unqualified to be Hari Bahadur. Sorry vegans.

Congratulations!! If you passed all these 7 signs without failing, you’re our OG legend Hari Bahadur.



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