13 ways You wouldn’t want to Die

Nobody can live forever and nobody wants to die. But as a part of life; mortals die.

Grim The Reaper; it is personified as death in western culture.

“To a well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure”, J.K. Rowling’s this statement not only grounds you to reality but disperses your thoughts about living forever. Nobody can live forever and nobody wants to die. But as a part of life; mortals die. This harsh reality is discomforting for most of the people. Though everything you have in this world is temporary but one thing is permanent—death is permanent. Despite knowing about imminent death, you don’t want to die—not at least in a tragic way. You can’t imagine dying from some gruesome ways. Here are the [possible] 13 ways you wouldn’t want to die:

(1) Getting diagnosed with incurable diseases

Living your daily life without having any disease is a worthy life. But when it comes to the matter of death, you wouldn’t like to get an incurable cancer or other medical conditions and die a painful death. Lying on a bed knowing that you can’t beat it might be depressive for you. Lung cancer, Neuroendocrine cancer, different types of syndromes, and many other incurable diseases can start a countdown to your death which you wouldn’t want.

(2) Getting a heart attack or brain stroke

Smoking, inhaling pollutants, eating unhealthy junk foods, and avoiding exercise can cause organ dysfunctions. After this, your blood pressure increases, and blood clots are formed inside the capillaries. It results into a sudden heart attack or a sudden brain stroke. Without immediate medical support, this might be the end of the journey. Becoming unconscious and laying for help is horrible to think. Nobody would want that.

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(3) Falling from heights

People always love to touch the sky. Sometimes, they want to make it look thrilling and dangerous. Taking selfies at the top of Burj Khalifa or climbing Mt. Everest always makes adrenaline rush. Doing wild things can cause accidents—anytime and anywhere. In split seconds, you will be flying without a parachute. Your life will end in a tragic manner, it might not be on your preferred method for the way of dying.

(4) Road accident

Each year 1.35 (Source: The World Counts) million people die in road accidents; some people fall from vehicles, get hit by vehicles, and crash alongside vehicles, et cetera. Vehicles take into your desired destination. But occasionally, it takes into your undesired destination; death. Road mishaps often happen everywhere in the world. It lies in the top 10 categories of worldwide causes of death.

(5) Plane/Helicopter crash

Similar to road accidents, plane/helicopter crash also causes a massive number of deaths worldwide. The fatality rate is more in these types of accidents than road accidents. Getting a visa and going abroad is a dream come true or watching mountains and hills from windows of plane/helicopter is majestic until malfunctions happen and when pilot chants “Mayday, Mayday” for help. Surely, you wouldn’t want to hear these words during your flight.

(6) Dehydration and starvation

Dehydration and starvation cause a children’s death in every ten seconds. Adults too die from this condition. Poverty, drought, and famine caused 3.9 million deaths last year (Source: The World Counts) which doesn’t seem a good way for dying. Growing and storing food and gathering rainwater might prevent you from this misfortune. Carrying food and water during a journey will not place your head in this section.

(7) Choking

In modern times, laying on the bed and eating your favorite things is a daily routine. Preparing a good chunk of steak or salad will make a good taste in your tongue. But, eating your favorite foods can turn into a disaster when it gets stuck inside your windpipe. Good heavens, you can call for immediate help and the disaster might turn into a bad memory. Otherwise, death might be waiting for you.

(8) Contacting venomous and poisonous creatures/plants

Walking inside woods or yards is memorable until you touch something which you shouldn’t. Teasing venomous scorpion, snakes or any other creatures will hurt you. And, plucking unidentified fruits for the meal will not be pleasing for your health. Venom and poison will attack your body, eventually, it will make you seriously ill—and perhaps will kill you if you don’t seek medical attention. Hospitals aren’t available in woods, so make sure you don’t want to die in this way.

(9) Getting gunshot or stabbed to death

There is one old saying “Never interrupt your enemy when he[she] is making a mistake,” this saying can turn out to be false because a foolish mistake can take someone’s life. So, probably you should interrupt. Your enemy or friends anybody can plot about your death. And, incidents like; lootings and riots can happen. The solution is to be aware of everyone and everything. This way you don’t want to give up your life.

(10) Drug overdose

Taking drugs and psychedelics is now a part of the culture for modern people. Though it is illegal, people somehow manage to buy and sell these things. After taking drugs people become addict. The frequent urge to take it drives you to take more dosage than the recommendation. Finally, the overdose of drugs will stop your blood circulation and it will result in death. So, it’s better not to take narcotics.

(11) Death penalty

People intentionally and accidentally kill people—and sometimes false conviction also happens. If you get convicted for homicide, you will probably get capital punishment regarding the law of few countries. The ways of giving death sentences are various. Imagine, you know tomorrow you will get punishment and tonight you are eating your last meal. This is horrifying, you will never want to die like this even in your wildest dreams.

(12) Electric shock

Charging your phones and electronics is a part of daily life. You never think of getting an electric shock while doing this. Misfortunes can happen anytime. A statistic on Wikipedia shows thirty thousand people die by getting electric shocks yearly. Taking good care of plugs and dashboards will help anybody from becoming a victim. When fate calls, common things can become deadly.

(13) Becoming infected with COVID-19

Six months ago, everything was fine and normal but now it’s different. But, the world is now struggling with a novel corona virus which eventually develops into severe acute respiratory syndrome. There is no certified medicine or vaccine available for this novel disease. You wouldn’t want to get contaminated with this novel virus and die without even getting a chance to meet your loved ones. This is beyond your beliefs.

These are some of the [possible] ways you wouldn’t want to die. Although, death is compulsory but you want to escape from it. Escaping death in some ways is possible in your lifetime—people escape their deaths sometime. But everyone will eventually die at the end. As a mortal being, one thing we should acknowledge—no matter how we try, we will die.


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