14 Nepali Hip-Hop Numbers You Must Listen To

Some Nepali hip-hop music for you to hop on.

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well.

Today in this post I present you some top charts from Nepali hip-hop you should listen to.

[PS: The list is not ranked and the list is based on the personal opinion of the writer. Disagreements are welcomed.]

1. Sathi

How can we forget the late Yama Buddha’s masterpiece Sathi? Sathi is a tale of two best friends who get into drugs and psychedelics. As time passes by, one of them finds that he should quit drugs and struggle for better while the other dies. Anil Adhikari aka Yama Buddha’s Sathi was the first hip-hop song that penetrated every gully of Nepali cities and villages.

2. King of Nephop

King of Nephop is the intro song for the album “Shreepach” by Sacar Adhikari aka Lil Buddha released on 13th January 2019. Uniq Poet and Sacar collaborated for one of the most loved songs by the audience. King of Nephop has 7.1M + views on YouTube.

3. Ganja Nation

Ganja Nation is the third single from Lil Buddha’s album Tathastu which advocates for the legalization of marijuana in Nepal. It’s not just an average song; it’s an anthem you can hop into on a loop.

4. Straight Outta Kathmandu

From the album ‘Blue Up High’, featuring Danish rapper MC Dave, Uniq Poet, and Bluesss performed ‘Straight Outta Kathmandu’. It’s one of the premium rap from Nepal with over 3M views on YouTube.


From the album, Blue Up High, performed and produced by Bluesss and mixed by Passionmastering La La La is one of the most loved songs by audiences with more than 3M+ views.

6. Budi

Budi performed by Chirag Singh Khadka aka 5:55 is the most viewed song from Nepali hip-hop with over 25M + views.

7. Maya – A story of a modern relationship

Maya by Chirag Singh Khadka is another cool song you could listen on a loop.

8. Kaalo

Kaalo performed by Utsaha Joshi aka Uniq Poet is a fire. This is a song of frustration, depression, and self-realization.

9. Kaha Janchau

Kaha Janchau performed by Uniq Poet in collaboration with Albatross is a song of a unique blend of rock and hip hop. This song is a tribute to the late Yama Buddha.

10. Marpha Ko Madira

Balen feat Swachit Sahkya performing Marpha Ko Madira. Be careful Marpha Ko Madira will make you an addict.

11. K Yo Maya Ho

Released on 2014, performed by team B-Eight, K Yo Maya Ho is still a powerful number.

12. Haude

Ashish Rana aka Laure’s Haude was on everyone’s mind back in 2013. Haude presents the story of a wild directionless guy whom the society treats as a useless fellow.

13. Mero Solta

Laure’s other good number is Mero Solta performed by Laure feat Gunace. Mero Solta presents the story of all the Gurkha army who gets recruited to the Indian/British army in search of a golden future.

14. Yo Prasanga

Yo Prasanga by Yama Buddha is a song against Girl Trafficking. Performed and directed by Yama Buddha this song has 3.5M+ views on YouTube.


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