11 Lessons To Learn From Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna who is also known as a spiritual guru has left us many things to learn. From devotion to love, ultimate reality to one's duty, and friendship to generosity he's an encyclopedia with an ocean of knowledge.

radha and krishna
Radha and Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is considered as a supreme divinity in Hindu culture. More than a god he’s acknowledged as a spiritual guru who teaches the whole world about the ultimate reality, devotion, and love.

We all know him as a prankster who did stupid things during his childhood, an ideal lover, and a mesmerizing person.

Many of us know Mahabharata, some of us have read the book and some us of have watched the TV series. Where the name of Mahabharata and Gita comes, we all reminisce Lord Krishna as the 8th avatar of god Bishnu. In his lifetime, the way he lived and the knowledge he shared can be regarded as guidance to live our life to the fullest.

The young can learn how to live from him; the old can learn how to die. The troubled one who follows him will get eternal peace, and the strong one can get the right direction. Only by observing him, we humans can get proper guidance from our perpetual teacher, Lord Krishna. So here are some life-changing lessons we can get from Lord Krishna.

Smile no matter what

Krishna faced a lot of pain in his life from the very first day of his birth but his smile never dimmed. You may involve in any and all types of duties, but inside, remain a beholder. This is the meaning of Krishna’s smile. Serenity comes from inside- your circumstances don’t define you.

Do your duty

Krishna always believed in the continuous effort and duty regardless of what the result would be. “Do your duty and be detached from its consequence, do not be driven by the result, enjoy the process of getting there.”

Never give up on your passion

Lord Krishna had so many duties to handle, a kingdom to rule, massive wars to fight, proffer time for his loved ones but he never stopped playing his flute. No matter how hard the situation was he always had time for his musical passion.

Stay humble and generous

Though Lord Krishna was regarded as a god, was charming, and had a massive Kingdom on his head he was humble to everyone. He respected his teachers, parents, and every elder with his heart.

Once Krishna’s poor friend Sudama offered him rice, Krishna held the gift with great delight. In return, Lord Krishna turned Sudama’s house into gold with rivers of precious stones and other jewels flowing into his home.

Treat everyone equal

Whether it was the Gopis, cowherd folk, or high-class folks, Lord Krishna treated everyone equally. In fact, he treated animals with great kindness and affection too.

There’s no difference, we are all one.

Value your friends and friendship

Lord Krishna had immense love and affection for his friends. He didn’t discriminate any of his friends on any grounds. He believed eternal friends are built only with love and respect.

Krishna and Sudhama

Don’t let your desires control your mind

It’s natural that the mind cherishes desires. Desires don’t ask our permission, they just pop up. Humans are prone to unlimited desires and wants. One who hangs himself into desires is never happy. He suffers from distress and anxiety. So to live a life without sorrows and anguish, we must not bring unnecessary desire in us and let them control our minds.

You are the satisfaction. Nothing can bring you satisfaction.

Stay calm and composed

The first step to obtaining clarity in any circumstance is developing a clear, calm, and collected mind.

There were so many difficult situations in Krishna’s life. From massive wars to the huge dilemma’s Krishna dealt with them very cautiously. There was never a time where he has gone hasty or he has panicked. He was always calm and composed.

Control your lust and anger

In Bhagwat, there is a very popular saying, “When we are in lust or anger, we can’t control our mind, and we may do anything that may be against righteousness.” That means when we are in control of anger and lust, we will lead our life to self-destruction. So Krishna has always said to have control over our mind and heart in every part of life.

Be ready for change

“Arjuna, when inertia is predominant; ignorance, inactivity, carelessness, and delusion arise.” Some times we need to change our course of actions to stir ourselves and give us a new challenge and direction.

Favor the side of Truth, even if it’s weak

Lord Krishna teaches us to stand up for truth even if we are alone. Kaurava’s didn’t provide half part of the realm to Pandavs which they deserved. Krishna took the side of Pandavas and supported them in every way possible.

Lord Krishna with Pandavas.

These were some quick life-changing lessons that we can learn from Lord Krishna. Comment below your favorite lesson and Happy Krishna Janmasthami!


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